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Author Topic: How to Make Modeling Chocolate... The FOOLPROOF Way (video by Shawna McGreevy)  (Read 3793 times)

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This video by Shawa McGreevy provides instruction on how to Make Modeling Chocolate... The FOOLPROOF Way, great for making figurines for your gingerbread display.

To see how and WHY you need to use modeling chocolate, click on my blog post here...

Ahhh!!  I've finally got it!  After over a year of trying a BAZILLION different techniques, I've finally figured out how to make modeling chocolate PERFECT, every time!  (A HUGE shout of to the fabulous Liz Marek, of Artisan Cake Company, who also has a channel here on YouTube that you REALLY need to check out, btw.)  I've basically just added a an extra step to the fabulous technique she uses, and voila!  Tiny little chunks in my chocolate are a thing of the past!  Yeeeeeehawwwww! 

To color the modeling chocolate, you can add the gel color to the syrup before you mix it in if you want to color the whole batch, or just add your color after the modeling chocolate is completely set, like you would color fondant.
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