Fairy Gingerbread House eTemplate

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Description: Fairy Gingerbread House e-Template by Gingerbread-By-Design.

Finished Size: 4 wide x 3 deep x 5.5 tall (not including room for yard, landscaping, etc).
Skill Level: Beginner

Gingerbread Template packet includes:
  • Full-size Template (no enlarging or tracing required)
  • Supply and Candy list
  • Recipes, with # of batches of dough required
  • Rolling, Cutting, and Baking instructions
  • Assembly instructions with step-by-step pictures
  • Decorating suggestions
You are purchasing this gingerbread template as an electronic download which requires you to save the file to your electronic device and print from your personal printer.

This e-Template packet does NOT contain digitally drawn blueprints and thus will not work in CAD.

This gingerbread template is also available pre-printed and shipped to you and may be purchased at www.gingerbreadbydesign.com.

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