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St. Andrews Pattern 2012 by Andrew FormanOur take on the beautiful St. Andrews House by Debbie FinnellLoreta Wilson - St Andrews
Our take on the beautiful St. Andrews House by Debbie Finnell

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Description: Every year, our town has the annual Snowflake Festival and a gingerbread house competition is a part of it. I have wanted to do this house for several years but thought it was too grandiose to tackle.  We decided to give it a go this year and, even though there were several issues that had me doubting our choice, I am so glad that we stuck it out.  We had much difficulty getting the front  overhang to stay where we wanted it to. We ended up breaking it off once because it was crooked and it fell off twice (this was how we discovered that necco wafers and royal icing make great repair supplies). We couldn't find 12' candy canes for the pillars so we had to use 10' ones and improvise on what to take up the extra space.  We settled on a pecan roll cut to size.  The first go at that didn't take and, unfortunately, one of our candy canes made the ultimate sacrifice.  We used melted lemon candies for the windows and melted jolly ranchers for the pond.  We have a tradition for our houses of including a duck somewhere.  Our normal duck maker is away at college so we had to improvise.  Hopefully we will have our normal duck maker back next year, lol.  Kit Kats were the perfect size and shape for the window boxes. We used some sparkle gel painted on the leaves to make them look a little less spinach-like (that was our ongoing joke during construction). The pathway to the house is made out of golden grahams cereal and the flower barrels were made from the bottoms of regular ice cream cones.  I had the most fun making the trees. In the past we have tried the sugar cone and royal icing method and they just didn't turn out well.  I was so pleased with the trees this year that I would have made a whole forest if the others hadn't stopped me. Great amounts of royal icing were also used in the construction of this house.  For everything from the flowers, the glue to hold the pieces together, the garland the criss-cross on the shutters of big red gum, the roof covering and the base under our blanket of coconut snow.  We have the most fun looking for candy and cookies to make our house.  Once we get in gingerbread mode, every piece of candy we see is scrutinized to see if it has house potential.  Well, that is our house for this year.  We had so much fun making it and hope you enjoy it too. Cake sparkle glitter is my new best friend.  I would have sparkled everything if they would have let me.
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Posted by: GingerbreadExchange September 22, 2014, 11:52:31 am

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