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2 Intermediate - Gingerbread House Coloring Page

Gingerbread House 04.pdf

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Description: Gingerbread House Coloring Page

  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Orientation: Landscape

12 Benefits of Coloring Pages
  • Improve Handwriting Hand strength and dexterity is needed need to manipulate a pencil on a paper. Working on strength can eliminate the possibility of incorrect pencil grasp.
  • Hand and Eye Coordination - Strengthens basic coordination skills like the proper way of holding the crayons, sharpening the crayons, and recognizing what color to use.
  • Relaxation and Patience - Coloring can help to learn the skill of patience by allowing relaxation and comfort while creating a piece of art.
  • Focus - Those who spend time coloring have better concentrations and focus skills.
  • Confidence - Regular coloring improves confidence in young kids.
  • Motor Skill - The act of coloring can improve motor skills. The motions involved in coloring like holding the tools and scribbling with crayon can help in the development of the tiny muscles in his wrist, fingers and hands. Fine motor skills help to write and manipulate small objects.
  • Knowledge - Coloring a picture can help to recognize line, perspective, color, hue, patterns, shape and form.
  • Stimulates Creativity - Coloring provides the opportunity to express creativity by allowing the thought about the different color combinations to give an appealing look to the picture.
  • Self-Expression Helps to develop those who like to express themselves art. You can tell a lot about a person by the colors used and the image drawn.
  • Color Recognition - Exposure to the color wheel by crayons, colored pencils and marker, thus learning to tell the difference between green, yellow, red, pink and so on. Using different colors gives a chance to explore the different color combinations.
  • Therapeutic - Coloring is proven therapeutic, especially if done frequently. Venting of feelings, frustrations and other emotions though coloring.
  • Language Development - Coloring and just talking about it provides an opportunity to learn new words and sentences. The use of descriptive words to talk about feelings when viewing different styles of coloring sheets aids in developing critical thinking ability.

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