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Author Topic: Gingerbread Tea Shop  (Read 1282 times)


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Re: Gingerbread Tea Shop
« on: November 25, 2016, 07:13:54 pm »
Snap! I'm doing a bakery with miniature foods in the window too.

I've found many bakery ideas, but no templates and I've been searching since the week after I finished my gb project last year, so in the end I made my own.  PM if you want more info. 

My design is based on concepts from this (but with bay windows instead of box widows)


And this (mostly for ideas about inside contents of a bakery)


And this (an ornament I found in a local store; I've used the steep pitch roof and chimney in conjunction with the wide bay window style, but have put two bay windows either side of a door similar to the first design, and much as you suggested you wanted)

I've amassed a Pinterest board with many different ideas about the bakery, I'm happy to forward on pins if you like.

It usually only takes a few hours of patience with a pencil, ruler, compass and protractor to mock up your own design if you have concepts in place already. And if you want to fill it with miniature furniture, you don't even have to design the back, and can have plain sides with nothing more complicated than a few small windows so that you can just leave it open to fill the house with decorative bits.  Basically, you only need to design the front face and the roof! :)

Sorry I couldn't find a quick fix for you with a pre-made template ready for download.  I've got a complete template, but getting it digital and ready for use by someone else will take substantially more time than I have before Christmas, but perhaps you can reverse engineer your own too?

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